Our Strategy

The purpose of Attention is to run a world-class professional OUTDOOR MEDIA. The objective is to be exceptional by world standards, not just GCC or Saudi standards alone.

Attention media's mission is to create the largest outdoor network in KSA to maximize advertising opportunities through spread, creative and unique execution.

Attention Overview



Attention is an innovative outdoor media solution established in 2004. Knowing that Attention media covers most cities of KSA. Utilizing the latest technological possibilities for media, We maximize your branding exposure and excel in other forms Of media such as highest-quality printing, and creative signage fabrication. Attention's sites take advantage of maximum visibility populated and Carefully selected locations that all together complete a network of Outdoor advertising opportunities, Attention outdoor media consists Of the merge of static billboards and digital signages such as Smart Megacom, Megacom, Supermega, Mupi, Megapost, Led Screen, bridge banner and others.



Why Choose Us

Attention is one of the leading Outdoor Advertising companies in KSA. Attention media provide premier Outdoor advertising solutions which aim to achieve the client's target market. Attention media uses its outdoor billboards and digital signage resources to the leading establishment of the idea in the minds of customers and reach the appropriate targeted customers to create awareness of the brand and branding. Attention Media provides the highest technology digital signage to provide facilitates, social interaction, social connectivity, and communication speeds, seeking to cover all cities around KSA. Attention use after–sales support as a Business strategy as it typically leads to higher customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. Attention offers cutting-edge ideas and delivers superior execution to actualize your brand’s true potential.