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Curve LED Screen in Hafr Al-Batin

3/21/2023 2:51:51 PM

Our expand plan in Attention aims to include all the Saudi Arabia Land. The governorate of Hafr Al-Batin that is one of the Eastern Governorates located in the northeast KSA was our next target. Our outdoor screens and boards that are spread all over Saudi Arabia continue to help you reach a wide range of clients.  A curve LED screen, 10.25m width and 6m length, has been installed In Hafr AL-Batin.

Digital Bridge in Duwadimi

3/16/2023 7:41:40 PM

Al Duwadimi is included in the expansion and growth plan of Attention, thus we are pleased to announce the installation of a digital bridge screen in a strategic location in Al Duwadimi City. It is a city in Riyadh Province and located in the central of Saudi Arabia. Al Duwadimi is known for its active commercial movement and significant sales.

New Screen in Tabuk

3/16/2023 7:37:38 PM


Upon our plan to expand all over KSA, Attention has installed 1 new screen on a bridge in the city of Tabuk. The LED bridge screen is 14m in width and 4m in length.

Installation new Mega Digital boards

3/16/2023 7:33:45 PM

Our expansion and growth plan in the field of outdoor media goes on, and we at Attention are honored to announce the installation of new Mega Digital boards 4*3m dimension each in Ha'il Region.

Ha'il is located in the north of Saudi Arabia and is known for its rich history and strategic location. Ha'il ranks eighth in the terms of Saudi Arabia population.

Attention Signing The Biggest Media Contract In Jazan

2/9/2022 3:04:58 PM

Under the generous patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Muhammad bin Nasser bin Abdulaziz, Governor of Jazan region, “Attention” signed investment contracts in the Jazan region.As part of its plans to expand in the field of advertising to include all regions of the Kingdom and with the latest available global and local digital screens. A lease contract was signed for 20 digital billboard sites for a period of 10 years, with a value of more than 20 million riyals